How did my adventure with design began?

Everything started when I was a little boy. Being a couple years old in my spare time I would draw and paint a lot, creating little master pieces not only on pieces of paper which for obvious reasons didn’t make my parents happy. Commodore 64 – my first computer and also a graphic creation tool. Unfortunately the begining of my adventure with design wasn’t easy. The drawings were made by using a joystick and they were different than my original vision. It seems pretty funny to me now, especially if I remind myself that loads of other people started their adventure with design just like me. The big difficulty for me back then was the lack of a computer mouse. A huge breakthough came with the purchase of a PC computer. The 166MHz magic from Intel and Windows 95 alowed me to successfully expand my passion. From that point in time, I’d practise my drawing for days in the old and good paint. I was sketching almost everything – from big buildings to small comics and game characters. Due to a disk failure, none of my first pieces of work survived, nonetheless, I remeber the times spent with paint well. Over time, I purchased a trial version of Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop which then allowed me to create better and more effective graphics.

What graphics do you design?

On a daily basis I deal with designing all different types of graphics but the most joy I get from creating logos and printing forms. During this adventure with professional graphics I’ve created more than 100 different logos, including my first commercial logo that I’ve designed when I was just 15 years old! Making a new logo for a company is an exciting challenge for me and I try to make my best as I can. Currently I specialise in web-design and I’m also successfully learning Frontend and JavaScript.

As far as printed forms and visual media advertisement, it’s important to remember that they are a fulfilment of a well-cut brand image which should be compact with the appearance of the building or area. Despite the appearance, printing differs from digital forms in many different ways. That’s why the designing process of catalogues and business cards requires the use of substantive knowledge as well as getting to know the specifics of the company.


If you liked any of my work and you’re interested in collaborating with me so that we can create something special and unique for your brand, you’re more than welcome to contact me. Regardless of whether it will be an UX, UI, advertisement project or a logo, I’m sure that together we will achive the intended goal!

Till next time!