Housing Association “Aleja Majowa” w Gliwicach

Housing Association „Aleja Majowa” was created in 1990 as the result of division. SMAM stood out because of their design that was based on the 90’s. The use of blue and characteristic typography was limiting its functionality with time. The website required a comprehensive reconstruction – from designing a new logo, to making a professional graphic and text materials, so that it could present itself well in digital and printed media. As planned, it was supposed to be nice and professional at the same time. The blue colour was replaced by a warm shade of raspberry pink. The new logo is a combination of 3 elements of a key, with distinctive, big skyscrapers, which are strongly associated with SMAM. The website was based on Wordpress system. The range of tasks also included making business cards and other materials ready to print.

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„The most important thing to us is creating a good looking identification that will not be associated with previous era! It must be clean, nice and elegant. We have to move forward!”

Anna Wojtok | CEO
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