Coffee Bar Academy | Śląska Szkoła Baristów

Coffee Bar Academy y is a special place that was made with the thought of everyone who wants to master their art of making coffee. Silesian Bar Academy is a young team consisting of masters of baristics and coffee enthusiasts. In the case of this fresh, new brand, it was necessary to use an ultra-modern style and simple, matching fonts. The purpose of our collaboration was to design a complete visual identification along with the website. The colours that were used refer to roasted coffee and stainless steel. Different shades of brown that were used perfectly combined with grey, creating a coherent whole. The new logo of the brand refers to a professional jug to frothing milk. A comprehensive branding service also included designing graphic elements suitable for wrapping cars. The brand was extremely successful on the local market, so they’ve decided to open up another spot in Warsaw. Therefore the schools name was changed as they’ve removed the „Silesian” form it. However, this did not affect the appearance of our created composition.




„At Coffee Bar Academy we focus on the human factor, which is the most important link between a café guest and a cup of espresso” 

Rafał Adamek | Polish Barista Champion 2006