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My name is Bartek Zieliński,

I’m 35 years old and I’ve been professionally involved in branding design and web-design for many years.

I was born in one of the oldest and the most beautiful towns in the upper Silesia, Gliwice. I’m a huge fan of the Star Wars series, an automotive enthusiast and an active motorcyclist, who loves to travel the world. I speak English on a communicative level and in my free time I relax by watching documentaries and sci-fi films.

Currently I'm living in Great Britan where I'm working for LetsGetCoffee.

Bootstrap, Foundation ZURB, CSS, SCSS and HTML, Adobe package (PS, Al, Id, XD) and Corel Draw- these are the main tools that I use everyday. Additionally, I’m successively learning how to use JavaScript. I also know the basics of using Affter Effect and Adobe Premier. I’m also an active freelancer, who’s ready for a new design challenge!

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